As this blog grows, individual posts become buried in the past.  These are some of the most popular, favorite, or substantial posts:

Using Mahjong Tiles to Generate a Dark Jungle Sandbox.  Nothing says “Asia” like the sound of mahjong tiles clanging together.  And here is a map generated using this system.

Rendezvous in the Jungle.  A good summary of what the “Jungle Man/Dragonhunters” campaign is all about.  Contains the “What Happened at the Rendezvous?” table and a picture of Playboy bunnies hanging from a helicopter.

The Blasted Jungle.  Yet another jungle campaign I’ve introduced on this blog.  This one is a mashup of bizarre post-apocalypse movies and the true accounts of resistance fighters in the Pacific during WW2.

Making Jungle Travel Its Own Adventure.  Outline of a system tailored for spicing up expeditions into the jungle.

The Bolo Man PC Class…a new way to interpret Thief skills and great Tarzan art.

Red Nails Influence in Dwellers of the Forbidden City?  An examination of how much of the Conan tale is found in the AD&D module.  The conclusion:  hardly anything at all.

Pattern in Dungeon Maps:  For Fun, Profit, and TPK.   Just a funky little map I whipped up one night.  Also check out the post about Labyrinthine Mountain Maps.

Tunnels in the Jungle.  This post gets visited often by folks looking for “vietnam tunnels” or “ant colony” on Internet search engines, and I like the pictures.  Related to this is the Ant Tunnel Exploration System.

I’ve listed a ton of jungle movies on this blog.  These two posts get a lot of search engine love.  I guess people just like pictures of big guns:

Miss Sharp Finds Lost City! Maps the White Nile! Retires!  The final installment of “The Cairo Confidential”, wherein I play a massive solo campaign of Source of the Nile.  Also check out my supplemental rules for Source of the Nile:

Two Tunnels & Trolls solo adventures have been played on the blog.  Here’s my favorite posts from each series:

I do reviews of jungle adventure modules sometimes:

Pictures are nice.  Check out these:

There’s been several big posts that aren’t specifically related to jungles:

Last, but not least, the talented artists that I’ve worked with:

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