The Rise and Fall of Zamzer

November 14, 2012

So we moved house this summer. Found a box of old junk. In the box was a folder of drawings and sketches I did in high school and college. In there I found six sketches showing the progression of a magic user from apprentice maestro to sorcerer master.

My first thought upon seeing the sketches was “Wow. I hope nobody ever sees this crap.”

My second thought was “…unless it’s in a suitably ridiculous amateur fantasy rpg supplement.”

I’ve arranged that. I didn’t have any jungle stuff that the sketches would work with, so I gathered up a few of the non-jungle things that I’ve made over that past few years and packaged them up in this little digest book…

What’s in it? Four things:

1. “The Rise and Fall of Zamzer”. This is the name of the book and also the name of the series of six sketches of the wizard retroactively named as Zamzer. All sketches are full page except the cover. Six pages.

2. “A Eunuch for Zamzer”. A parody of the “Zanzer’s Dungeon” adventure from the 1991 “classic” D&D big black box game. I ran this adventure in 2008 for some of the same dudes who played the original in 1991.  Seven pages of text plus a two-page map.

3. “Dirty Old Town”. A fantasy city described via a collection of tables based on songs by an old Irish band called The Dubliners. This town ties in to the Zamzer adventure. Two pages.

4. “How to Scare Monsters”. An article with companion d100 table of monster phobias. This also ties in to the Zamzer adventure. Three pages.

“A Eunuch for Zamzer” is the feature presentation of the book. It’s a prison breakout adventure for first level characters, but they likely won’t be able to fight their way out without some roleplaying and alliance formation. I call it a parody, but it’s a serious adventure. Well, “serious” in a B-movie groan-inducing kind of way. Rather embarrassing, actually.

And it’s FREE!

Click here to download the free PDF of The Rise and Fall of Zamzer.

If you want to make your own digest booklet, also click here to download a PDF of only the map, which you can print as the center of the booklet.  All the drawings are by themselves on pages with no text, so you can skip them if you want to save printer ink.


But wait, there’s more…

…that I want to mention.  Recommended movie to watch before running “A Eunuch for Zamzer”:

Burning Paradise in Hell

This 1994 Hong Kong kung fu flick bears some similarities to the adventure. Temple prison with slave dungeon. Sadistic wizard overlord. Secret chambers and traps. Good times.

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