Miss Sharp Finds Lost City! Maps the White Nile! Retires!

June 9, 2011

Previous map

New map

Journalist Kit Sharp came tantalizingly close to discovering a lost city on her previous expedition.  She wasted no time in forming a new expedition and approaching the rumored lost city from the north, bypassing the swamps and desert that had blocked her from the south.

A mountain river valley was found that climbed to a high altitude swamp.  And there hid the Lost City.  Kit approached in a peaceful manner and was accepted as a guest of the city.  They spoke ancient Greek.

Kit learned that a tyrant warrior-king ruled the city, but she had no problems the first month she lived there.  It was a most pleasant life, but finally decided to leave.  The tyrant refused her departure and imprisoned her.

Later, she learned of a young noble that aspired to overthrow the king.  He offered to help Kit escape during an upcoming rebellion.  Perhaps the king learned of this plan, because he soon ordered Kit to be thrown into the sacred pool to be devoured by a mosasaurus, a gigantic aquatic dinosaur which had miraculously survived the eons in this lost city.

Desperate, Kit attempted another escape and was successful.  Upon her return to Europe, her story seemed too fantastical to be true, and it didn’t sell well.  She scraped up a small expedition in hopes of completing her exploration of the White Nile, but a herd of stampeding elephants and an ambush of natives cut it short.

Kit now had very little money available to continue exploration.  Then more bad news:  Leski was rumored to have died during his latest expedition.  Now she was the only remaining member of the Cairo Confidential.  What about Leski’s treasure from King Solomon’s Mines?  He had told her about the remaining riches that he had cached in a secret location.  She had just enough money available to fund a small expedition to retrieve it.

But it wouldn’t be easy.  Leski had befriended several tribes in the area near the Mines, but that wouldn’t help Kit.  She must befriend them to gain passage to the Mines.  Not only that, but because she couldn’t afford enough rations to last the entire journey, she needed the natives to feed her too.

Fortunately, the journey to the treasure cache and back went off without a hitch and now Kit was swimming in money to fund more exploration.

All that was left to explore in the Nile basin was the region west of The Sudd swamps.  It would be quite a challenge, because the swamp and desert terrain in the area made foot expeditions the only option.  Kit organized a massive expedition of footmen and partially explored the area before being wiped out by a thunderstorm in the desert and flash flood.

Another very large foot expedition was formed.  A variety of hardships were endured:  baboon attack, spoiled rations, sick musketeers, flooding, food-stealing chimps, sunstroke.  Finally, the final hectare of the Nile basin was mapped: a lonely region of desert not far from Khartoum itself!

As it turns out, the actual “source of the Nile” was in the mountains south of Lake Kentucky, discovered nearly a decade and a half prior.  Just over the ridge from where Dr. Roger Smalley had mapped the Rufiji River so long ago.   (In fact, not too far from the actual source of the Nile and Lake Victoria!)

Well, that does it for the Cairo Confidential.  I suppose I could keep playing out this campaign until Kit dies, but I’ll let her retire in peace.  Besides, even though she’s still very good looking as she approaches 50 years of age, she’s just not quite as smokin’ as she used to be.

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One Response to “Miss Sharp Finds Lost City! Maps the White Nile! Retires!”

  1. Alex said

    Very entertaining! Makes for an interesting character backstory for a more modern setting as well.

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