Jungle in Fire and Ice…and butt comparison

September 19, 2011

Fire and Ice (1983), directed by Ralph Bakshi.  Frank Frazetta is given production credits, but hard to say exactly how much input he had.  Some of the scenes had a Frazetta feel to them, but nothing approaching the richness of his paintings.  He is also given “Characters created by” and “Costumes designed by” credits, but the characters are one-dimensional and the costumes are little more than loincloths and transparent women’s underwear.  The story is rather thin too.

Nonetheless, Fire and Ice ranks up there as one of the better fantasy/barbarian flicks of the 1980s, thanks to the monsters, scenery, and overall “sword and sorcery” vibe.

Approximately half of the movie takes place in a jungle setting, with lushly illustrated backgrounds filling the screen.  Here’s a sequence showing the hero jumping off a cliff to escape enemy brutes, crashing into the jungle below…

There’s nice ruins in the jungle too…

Great depiction of “dark jungle”, with fungus and rotting tree trunks instead of thick leafy foliage…

Yeah, so Frazetta’s input into the movie is debatable, but one thing is certain:  That is a Frazetta-girl butt…


Not convinced yet?



One Response to “Jungle in Fire and Ice…and butt comparison”

  1. drakharios said

    No doubt about it, it’s a Frazetta. All hail the God of the Glowing Gluteus Maximae! 🙂

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