More Images of the Jungle

July 25, 2011

Pictures from my recent trip to SE Asia.

In Indonesia, this monkey stole the water bottle from my friend’s bag, gnawed the top off, and had a nice cool drink on a hot day…

A Hindu temple on a cliff in Indonesia.  There’s a nice surfing resort just around the corner and up the coast a little ways…

A view over tropical canopy to distant Mount Mayapay near Butuan, Mindanao, Philippines…

At one time, much of Mindanao was covered with rainforest.  Now the region around Butuan is mostly farm, orchard, and plantation.  But it could pass as jungle…

An unnamed waterfall near Butuan.  Getting here was a pain in the ass, but worth it…

A view from atop the unnamed waterfall.  The locals were especially friendly here…

We went to the Enchanted River near Hinatuan the next day.  It was cool but too crowded to fully enjoy or take any good pictures.  I refer you to a previous post for a nice picture of its crystal waters.

Tinuy-an Falls near Bislig was much more enjoyable.  Best shower I had the entire trip…

Climb a jungle path to the top of the falls…

It’s dark in here…

Wade out to near the edge of the waterfall and see the thick, mist-fed canopy surrounding…


4 Responses to “More Images of the Jungle”

  1. scottsz said

    Beautiful pictures! Thanks for posting these.

  2. Those are great. Was your trip a vacation, or work, or both?

  3. dpbrandt said

    Thanks, guys. I would have liked to take more pictures during the long van rides, but the driver drove like a bat out of hell.

    Nominally a “vacation”, but it was too exhausting with too many connecting flights, friends’ weddings, etc. And Manila is a drag. So I’m just calling it a “trip”. 🙂

  4. […] Remember this pic I took in the Philippines this summer… […]

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