First: Anybody going to Fablescon this weekend?  Let me know. I’ll be there.

Second: For non-jungle reasons, I’ve been lately browsing the first five Arduin Grimoires by David Hargrave, but it turns out there is some jungle in Arduin too.  To quote the author, Arduin’s multiverse contains “dead worlds, jungle worlds, worlds of monsters and worlds of light and reason–all impinging on the nexus.”

What beasts are stalking these Arduin jungle worlds?

Arduin jungle encounters
1. Gronds
2. Skorpoons
3. Ooze/slime
4. Earth elemental
5. Hydra
6. Red death cloud
7. Lash lizards
8. Octorillas
9. Tigers
10. Triceratops
11. Shiva
12. Tri-dragon
13. Ibathene
14. Teng swarm
15. Stingwings
16. Spiga
17. Phraints
18. Nite hounds
19. Furcoats
20. Floaters

I haven’t seen where Hargrave describes Floaters…hopefully they aren’t like Soakies, but he does describe some of those jungle monsters:

Red Death: boiling cloud of flesh-eating fog

Spiga: cruel and intelligent giant metallic spiders.



Teng: winged beetles that fling themselves at any warm or moving creature like living crossbow bolts, destroying themselves upon impact.

Skorpoons:  genetically engineered green-furred baboons with red claws and eyes and a venomous scorpion tail.

Phraint: 9′ tall metallic mantis/ant warriors. Incredible jumpers.  “They are cold, emotionless,and logical, a veritable bug Mr. Spock.”



Other Arduin monsters not on that encounter table but would be right at home in the jungle:

Quarl: Ebon cat beasts with six legs, one red eye, and black tusks.

The Helltide: swarm of large bright-green army ants.

Thermites:  red hot warrior termites.

Razor Vine: normal looking vine with razor core and lashing attack.

Arc-bat: Giant electric bat. Everything is better with electricity.

Emerald Death: Viper with venom of unsurpassed deadliness.

Sunderlegs: Giant ten-legged reptile/insect mutational crossbreed that live solitary lives well away from civilization in the dank and jungly areas of the world.

Thunderbunnies, Kill Kittens, Screaming Scarlet Itchies, etc. Ok, these aren’t exactly jungle critters, but they COULD be.

…and many more. Hargrave was a DM savant and puts my monster-making efforts to shame.

Fortunately for players, all is not terror and death for PCs in the Arduin jungles.  There’s a character class of interest and at least a couple magic items to seek out:

The Frogling:  This character class has a jumping ability that could make them an effective choice in wet jungle terrain.

Emerald Silk: A translucent green silk of legendary durability, derived from a nasty variety of wolf spider found in the trackless southern jungles of the Green Hell.

Amulet of the Amazon Mother:  A silver phallus and scrotum impaled on a golden arrow.  Whoa…after reading that description, does anybody even care what it does?