That Is All

September 9, 2013


Nothing more about jungles for me to write.  So…I’m signing off.  Thanks to all who have ever visited. The blog remains intact and I will still respond to comments and emails, so feel free drop me a message.   I still have some copies of my jungle trilogy available for sale.  I’ll even sign them for you if you’d like (thanks Craig!). They’ll forever be available on Magcloud, too.

Speaking of Magcloud, I changed the prices of all three books to reflect my “retired blogger” status:  Free PDFs for all!  $6.54 + shipping for print.  I repeat: Free PDFs for all!  Start spreading the news.

Continuing the Neil Young theme of my previous post, I leave with this thought…

In the jungle land
With the sea and the sand
Can I meet you there?

(I can’t believe there isn’t a video of Neil Young singing Ocean Girl on Youtube.  This cover version is faithful, though…)

Jungle Image Dump #12

April 14, 2013

Images below, but first some messages from the old news department:  The original Petty Gods with the sweet jungle cover has been released:


Also…an Expanded Petty Gods is being made by Gorgonmilk.  I actually got off my ass and contributed something this time.

In a fit of productivity, I also submitted an entry into the 2013 One Page Dungeon Contest.  Some fine jungle entries from previous years:






fantasy machine gun jungle dinosaurs cyborgs theropod 1920x1440 wallpaper_wallpaperbeautiful_50





Jungle Alert! CASCADA film

January 15, 2013

Check out CASCADA, a new short film about kayaking over waterfalls in Mexican jungle…

I likey.  Reminds me of when ol’ Mossy Hayes plunged over the falls.

Ken Hite is creating a fantasy RPG module with some serious Jungle-osity. At Lamentations of the Flame Princess, Ken says:

“…All around, sorcerous echoes and explosions ripple the skies, but as a constant drumbeat of vile thunder, not as anything aimed at anyone in the same country. The Qelong Valley has been poisoned by accident and forgotten by its killers. Only the scavengers remain, and the worms that grow in the corpse.”

“If your campaign takes place on Earth or a close analogue, Sajavedra maps generally to Cambodia; the Qelong River valley specifically to the portion south and west of the Cardamom and Elephant Ranges.”

James adds:

“Magical fallout, the elephant lich, the hundred-mile-long naga, the Lotus Monks, the insect-possessed myrmidons, and so much more…”

Schweet. Obviously, this sounds like it would work well in the fantasy Vietnam War mashup setting of the Fire in the Jungle Supplement.  The “Lost Shell” or “Cylinder” sounds like a stray canister of Agent Orange or the wizard-tech equivalent of a tactical nuclear weapon.

Looking forward to this module.

Check out this sweet preview of the 16th issue of NOD. It looks to be the most JUNGLE issue of NOD yet!

Soggy Goddesses, Mighty Baobabs and Ghostly Apes – Cush Preview


Once again another blogger is picking up the jungle slack for me this summer. This time it’s Jack @ Rotten Pulp with a long post full of jungle goodies.  A massive chart full of jungle monsters, jungle traps, jungle cool stuff, jungle colour and terrain, and jungle weird stuff. Some of my fave entries:

23-24: Giant stone monkey head with valuable idols around. Monkey shoots laser eyes at disrespectful trespassers. Secret knobs on the monkey’s ears open the mouth, leading down to a series of catacombs.  (Could this be the third module of the “Against the Monkeys” trilogy!?)

31-32: Poison snakes in the undergrowth. Then more snakes drop from above. The hollow trees surrounding the party burst open, full of snakes. The party takes to their weapons, only to realise that they have been wielding camouflaged snakes this entire time. They try to yell, but can only hiss.

37-38: This door.

43-44: Talking parrots, will recite directions to lost treasure

Check out Jack’s post. Lots to chew on there.

Across the Wide Dark Jungle, the sequel to the Fire in the Jungle Supplement, is now ready for release! Go here for more info.

I was playing around with different colors for the card stock cover, as you can see in the picture above. The black printing is really vivid and crisp on the tan colored covers, so the “official” cover will be one of those, as soon as I get to the store again. In the meantime, I have these extra covers available in other colors, so the first couple orders will get an extra cover (with map inside). Let me know if you want a particular color. First come, first serve.

How to order? Go to the ordering page, here.

How much is it? $5. Cheap. I’ll pay shipping cost no matter where in the world you are. I’ll be using the regular First Class rate. Much more affordable than the expensive Priority Mail rate that I stubbornly insisted on using for the original Fire in the Jungle Supplement digest.

I’ve been quite busy lately, but other bloggers have been picking up the slack with jungle-related posts. This time it’s Monster Manual Sewn From Pants posting a fully keyed dungeon called “The Sunken Vault of the Gibbon King”.

Just check it out. It’s sweet.

It would make for a nice companion dungeon to my “Tomb of the Monkey God”. I think somebody should grab the baton and design a third module to complete a trilogy. Possible titles of this third module:

  • “Dark Hollow of the Sloth Seer”
  • “Treetop Shrine of the Orangutan Queen”
  • “Volcano of the Bonobo Cult”
  • “Crystal Palace of the Mandrill Tyrant”
  • “Broken Dreams of the Capuchin Minstrel”
  • other ideas?

Telecanter has lately been creating a series of mini-games to enliven dangerous overland journeys through a variety of terrain. Today he posted a jungle travel mini-game. Check it out, it’s pretty cool.

The mini-game focuses on the “casualty of the jungle” phenomena, but makes it especially rough on jungle travelers by triggering a potential hireling death every other day.  To balance the difficulty, there are various mechanisms to save hirelings from their predicament.

Compare to my own jungle travel system that only triggers a casualty occasionally via the random event chart.  But…those casualties cannot be prevented.

The jungle is a dangerous place…

Always be prepared…

Justin Davis at A Field Guide to Doomsday is doing a series of monster graphics and descriptions based on those in the Fire in the Jungle Supplement! First in the series…Tuskhog.
Next…Green Tiger.
Next…Rust Rhino.
Next…Rust Rhino Redux.
Next…Horned Hippo.

I’m excited that Justin is doing these posts because there wasn’t much room in the Supplement to give the monsters more than a brief description, and Justin’s pretty much the best monster designer in the OSR blog-o-rama. Later this year, I plan to release a post-apoc “Blasted Jungle” supplement featuring some of Justin’s unique creations. Check out his site…he’s got fun and games.

In other jungle news, there’s a manhunt in Uganda:

“For Ugandan soldiers tasked with catching Joseph Kony, the real threat is not the elusive Central Africa warlord and his brutal gang. Encounters with the Lord’s Resistance Army rebels are so rare that Kony hunters worry more about the threats of the jungle: Armed poachers, wild beasts, honey bees, and even a fly that torments their ears.”