What Makes Them Special

June 2, 2011

Wrapping up the series of posts about rules supplements for Source of the Nile.  So far, three of the four Special Discoveries have been given attention:

  1. Lost Civilizations
  2. Dr. Livingstone Found
  3. Looting King Solomon’s Mines

Here is the last Special Discovery to be detailed:  Native Kingdom.  The legend of Prester John or stories by Edgar Rice Burroughs seem like obvious inspirations for creating a Native Kingdom rules supplement, but I decided to take inspiration from something that I had been researching lately:  the Tasaday controversy.

The general idea of this rules supplement is that these natives have some unique or unbelievable qualities about them.  This raises public interest upon publication of their discovery, but also fuels speculation of fraud…that their existence was fabricated to bring the explorer fortune and fame.

When the Native Kingdom is found, treat it as a Large tribe.  When the explorer becomes friendly with the tribe, roll to determine What Makes Them Special and a Language Peculiarity.

What Makes Them Special d6
1. All are descendent of King Arthur
2. Worship the writings of Karl Marx
3. Speech contains random tongue clicks and “rub-a-dub-a-dub”s
4. Survive on only 7 minutes of “labor” each day, making them the most “affluent” people ever
5. Wear t-shirts that say “Boston Red Sox 1986 World Series Champs”
6. Possess thousands of glass Coca-Cola bottles

Language Peculiarity d6
1. Their language has no word for “day”
2. Their language has no word for “night”
3. Their language has no word for “birth”
4. Their language has no word for “death”
5. Their language has no word for “happy”
6. Their language has no word for “sad”

Possess Coca-Cola bottles and their language has no word for “day”

After the explorer publishes the existence of this tribe, he can escort witnesses to see the tribe.  Each witness counts as an expedition member but doesn’t do anything useful.  The explorer can take as many witnesses as desired, but remember: they eat rations like any other expedition member.  Also, the explorer loses 1 VP for each witness that dies during an expedition.  If a witness returns safely to Europe after having met the tribe, the explorer earns $500.

There is another drawback.  If the explorer ever completes an expedition without having visited the tribe, he is labeled a fraud, sent into exile, and must be retired from play.


2 Responses to “What Makes Them Special”

  1. […] Dr. Roger Smalley set out to complete exploration of the Congo basin.  He established the boundaries of the basin but was unable to map the entire river before his expedition was wiped out in an ambush of natives.  Dr. Smalley survived.  He discovered the edges of another river basin that extends far to the south, perhaps connecting to the Orange River or the Zambezi River. The doctor cured the diseases of several tribes, but his most important discovery was a bizarre tribe that claims the be descendants of King Arthur.  It seems their language has no word for “sad”, so perhaps Camelot lives, deep in the interior of Africa!  The publication of this discovery caused quite a stir in Europe and now Dr. Smalley is obligated to take witnesses to the tribe to establish the veracity of the tribe. […]

  2. […] Blue Örangutan Cult, and Trampled by Monkees), and new Tribe Peculiarities tables based on the What Makes Them Special system. Plus another dozen old jungle woodcut […]

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