That Is All

September 9, 2013


Nothing more about jungles for me to write.  So…I’m signing off.  Thanks to all who have ever visited. The blog remains intact and I will still respond to comments and emails, so feel free drop me a message.   I still have some copies of my jungle trilogy available for sale.  I’ll even sign them for you if you’d like (thanks Craig!). They’ll forever be available on Magcloud, too.

Speaking of Magcloud, I changed the prices of all three books to reflect my “retired blogger” status:  Free PDFs for all!  $6.54 + shipping for print.  I repeat: Free PDFs for all!  Start spreading the news.

Continuing the Neil Young theme of my previous post, I leave with this thought…

In the jungle land
With the sea and the sand
Can I meet you there?

(I can’t believe there isn’t a video of Neil Young singing Ocean Girl on Youtube.  This cover version is faithful, though…)