Survivors of the Wizard Wars

March 22, 2011

The natives currently found in the jungle are descendant of the decimated survivors of the Wizard Wars, but they are nowhere near the level of civilization that they once were.  Scattered and elusive, with few, if any, large groups of natives to be found in a single area.  It is more common to hear their drums in the distance than it is to see them.  Villages are usually no more than a few well-hidden huts or caves and are quickly abandoned if trouble arrives.

Special skills have been passed down through the generations within the clans.  Outsiders are most impressed by these two:

  • Beast Riding.  Different tribes have mastered a talent for taming different wild beasts to use as steeds and work beasts.  The way it is described by the natives suggests that it is not so much a matter of taming the beasts, but entering into alliances with the elders of the species in question.
  • Vine Swinging.  An effective mode of travel and ambush.  Difficult and dangerous to master, the unfortunate ones fatally smashing into a tree or left dangling over a den of hungry beasts.

Secret Talismans grant magical powers to the natives.  Spellcasting is rare among jungle natives.  Instead, powers are held by secret talismans…secret because they are closely guarded and concealed.  The relations of the native tribes are largely governed by the fact that nobody knows who has what secret talismans and to make assumptions is dangerous.

Many secret talismans are simply trinkets or charms such as relics, stones fallen from the sky, strange symbols, etc.  Some talismans must be consumed to gain their powers, such as enchanted mud, fruits harvested at special times, or slivers of wood inserted under the skin.  If a native with a secret talisman is encountered, choose one or select randomly from this non-exhaustive list of powers:

  1. Great jumping
  2. Great strength
  3. Heightened senses
  4. Stop projectiles
  5. Electric shock
  6. Telekinesis
  7. Miracle healer of others
  8. Quick self-healing
  9. Premonitions
  10. Shapeshifting
  11. Chameleon camouflage
  12. Bilocation

(Secret Talismans were inspired by the Filipino concept of Anting-Anting.)


2 Responses to “Survivors of the Wizard Wars”

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