I rewrote the lyrics of Neil Young’s “Pocahontas” to be about the Vietnam War. Like the original, it’s about nightmares and dreams…

“Winnie Cooper”
By Neil Young and Dustin Brandt

Flares and sirens warning
The mortar thumps at night
Splinters cut the warm air
But they don’t stay and fight
It’s the yellow man
From the jungles green
And the homeland
they’ve never seen.

We killed them in the paddies
And we cut their women down
We might have left some babies
Cryin’ on the ground
But the Cobras
and the Hueys come
And the night falls
on the setting sun.

We massacred the VC
Kitty corner from the flank
Empties run across my feet
And my eyes have turned to blanks
In the village
I can see them down there
With their loved ones
and some rice to share.

I wish I was a beach boy
I would trade every grain of sand
To sit with Winnie Cooper
And maybe hold her hand
In the evening
FarĀ from jungles green
In the homeland
They’ve never seen.

And maybe Richard Nixon
Will be there by the fire
We’ll sit and talk of Saigon
And the good things there for hire
And of Star Wars
and the Air Calvary
Richard Nixon, Winnie Cooper and me
Richard Nixon, Winnie Cooper and me
Winnie Cooper