Hello Kastle is a thing…


Everything needed to play. Secret treasure in pouch on left.

It’s about creating fun things in a simple way with family. Roleplaying games don’t need to be a chore to prepare and lug around, nor require “adult play dates” to fit into busy schedules. Let’s play anytime, anywhere, with anybody of any age.

I can’t commit to making a book or blogging at this time, like I did here in the jungle.  So I made an Instagram account to share Hello Kastle in a simple way. Visit these hashtags for an organized view:


Level One

Level One

A room description.

Zamzer died here

Hello Yoda

Hello Yoda

A player character

Beerf is a player character

A monster

Monsters! Monsters!

Random pics of castles we made or visited

Random pics of castles we made or know