Clown Robot Doctor Apocalypse

April 28, 2013

Edit 6/1/2014: I’m happy that Bryce liked my One Page Dungeon Contest entry.  Click here.  Actual quotes from his short review:



“And a hearty “Fuck You!” to the judges for not recognizing your genius Dustin!”

It seems bloggers are posting their contest entries on their blogs. Alrighty, here’s mine.  Click image to get the pdf…


Speaking of one page at a time, here’s a work in progress sample cover of the next jungle supplement I am working on:



4 Responses to “Clown Robot Doctor Apocalypse”

  1. mrjustinsdavis said

    That is great! I’m gonna hork some of it for my own purposes….

  2. […] Page 1. cover image depicts entrance to the Tunnels under the Rock. 2-3. These two pages briefly describe the Apocalypse Jungle and introduces the factions vying for survival. These pages can be read by players as an intro to the setting. 4 – 6 Three pages of monsters by Justin Davis, creator of A Field Guide to Doomsday! 7 Color map of the Tunnels under the Rock. This is only the large first level of what could potentially become a megadungeon. 8-9 Color map of the Apocalypse Jungle, with brief location descriptions and encounter charts surrounding map. I put all the maps in the center so they can be easily removed. 10 Color map of the Castle on the Rock. 11 Describes the Gorilla Padre…a potential ally or enemy and source of information. Then introduces the Castle on the Rock, scenarios therein, and a collection of tables for castle events. 12-13 Describes castle NPCs and squads and where they are located at different times of day and night. 14-15 Describes key locations in the Tunnels and the weirdness and haunts therein. 16 back page bonus: “Clown Robot Doctor Apocalypse” one-page dungeon. […]

  3. […] Somebody read Clark Ashton Smith in quantity this winter.  It makes me want to write, but don’t worry…I’m not planning to resume blogging on a regular basis!  I just wanted to provide some linkage to Calum’s neato play reports of Clown Robot Doctor Apocalypse reskinned: […]

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