The Scenic Tour of ALMIGHTY

November 20, 2012

One last collection of notes about the fallout shelter megaplex dreamland that is ALMIGHTY…

Brief notes on the mutants and bots are found in yesterday’s post.

The massive complex that keeps ALMIGHTY ticking is laced with seemingly infinite stairs, maintenance tubes, and suspended catwalks weaving between the manifold life support modules. Tangles of pipes, wires, ducts, and girders tie it all together.  Nary a speck of dust is to be found.

The Procedure Room
The Health and Happiness Administrators have built a secret procedure room here. Restraining tables and powerful floodlights galore, with stadium seating. The most common procedure performed here is electric shock therapy, without the benefit of anesthesia.  They are brutal in pursuit of quantifiable cheer among city folk.  They call it “Meaningful Abuse”.

The Moon Unit
The Phasists have constructed a temple here to house what they believe is a piece of the moon. It’s actually a melon-sized chunk of dry chartreuse play-doh.

The Office
Radio Clowns congregate at this hidden lounge in the complex. They just hang out here comparing jumbo shoes and polka dot outfits, often quoting catchy lyrics to inspire themselves and refute arguments.

The Spham Factory
This large room has large vats of bubbling pudding and several compaction silos of curious utility. It produces “special ham” to feed the city. It’s also the lair of thousands of duct bunnies.

The Break Room
This is a nonsensical room of mirrors that also happens to be a Mudwinkle lair.

The Yawning Connection
When something is damaged (for instance by gunfire, axe blow, fireball, etc.) the megaplex suppresses and isolates damaged systems and draws on redundant backups.  A large destructive event occurred here long ago, hollowing out a large area the size of a football field. Many stairwells and tunnels enter the area but do not cross the void. Dozens of Betaflies cocoon here.

The End of the Moving Walkways
Three moving walkways converge into a lair of Tank Crabs.

Bot Garage
Where bots come to get repaired or retired. Grouchy tinker bots hoard over piles of broken bots and spare parts.

Rubber Suit Factory
What you see here is an automated process of human-shaped molds of all sizes dipping into vats of variously colored molten rubber-like material. It dries to form a tight but comfortable garment. City folk wear a new one each day and the used ones are recycled here.

H2O Management
Water in all its forms is recycled here and cleaned for use throughout the city. To get through to the other side you must pass a gauntlet of water, steam, and ice.  First climb a wall with random steam blasts. Then it’s an ice cube cascade. Then a soapy bristle brush beatdown followed by a hot water pressure rinse. Next is the ice water agitator and corkscrew flume. Finally you can relax with a warm towel and a glass of 99% pure water.


One Response to “The Scenic Tour of ALMIGHTY”

  1. I’m digging this series of posts. Please keep detailing the locale!

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