The Denizens of ALMIGHTY

November 19, 2012

Lately I’ve been laying down some notes about a massive underground bunker in the Blasted Jungle. Much inspired by B4 The Lost City and the underground city in A Boy and His Dog. Kind of a post-apocalypse megadungeon.  Factions of Radio Clowns and moon-worshiping magicians who have never seen the moon and a cult of totalitarian doctors and nurses (the Health and Happiness Administrators) and bunch of other gonzo rimshots.

But I think I can save myself some work and just buy Anomalous Subsurface Environment, Levels 2-3 instead, just released by Pat at Henchman Abuse.  Check it out.  It’s not exactly like what I was designing, but ASE is bigger and better and at least it has clowns.

I can now post some of my meager notes here, so it wasn’t a total wasted effort…

The Denizens of ALMIGHTY

Somewhere below the cratered jungle floor lies ALMIGHTY, a self-supporting underground city built before the Wizard Wars to protect thousands of people from magic of mass destruction. Generations later the city still survives, sealed off from the outside world.

Between the city and the surface is a complex of life support systems that keep the city alive. It’s big, very big, and to get to the city you must pass through it.  These are the robots and monsters that populate it.

Maintenance and Security Robots

Oppressive Constructive bots perform maintenance throughout the complex. They can fix most anything, and perform an aggressive style of preventive maintenance that makes them quite dangerous to be around. They have eight suckered legs that allow them to climb anywhere. They shoot hot oil.

Substantial Abuse bots are thickly armored and designed to enter the harshest environments to perform repairs and knock heads. They wield two large hammers and move on tank tracks.

Ad Hoc Kill bots have a human-like form and just wander around killing things at random, even other bots. Apparently there is a sound theory of systems integrity to justify their purpose. They wield a variety of weapons such as samurai swords and laser pistols.

Panic Suppression bots are equipped with tranquilizer gases, nets, and other weapons of mass subdual. They hover.

Insanitary Defense bots continuously dust, mop, and sanitize the complex, sometimes with violent aggression.  They move on a gyromagnetic trackball and attack with precision disintegration lasers.

Mutant Monsters

Betaflies are man-sized fluorescent moths that shed radioactive dust, causing internal and external burns.

Crigget chirps echo throughout the complex. Six feet in length, these things jump from the shadows and slash with wicked serrated legs. Swords can be fashioned from the legs.

Duct Bunnies clog vents and shafts. They are thus a nuisance but also a reliable food source. Vicious defenders that aim for the neck.

The Mudwinkle is an abominable cyclops of grey mud. It’s large wet eye casts a dim beam of light. Normally the light is simply for illumination, but the Mudwinkle can use it as a laser weapon once per day.

Tank Crabs are like huge aggressive hermit crabs, but instead of shells, they live inside abandoned storage tanks and tubs.


3 Responses to “The Denizens of ALMIGHTY”

  1. This stuff is great! And when I have time, I’ll stat up your critters like I did before. (Assuming it’s still okay, of course!)

  2. […] Brief notes on the mutants and bots are found in yesterday’s post. […]

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