Jungle Alert! Hite’s “Valley of the Lost Shell” at LotFP

September 27, 2012

Ken Hite is creating a fantasy RPG module with some serious Jungle-osity. At Lamentations of the Flame Princess, Ken says:

“…All around, sorcerous echoes and explosions ripple the skies, but as a constant drumbeat of vile thunder, not as anything aimed at anyone in the same country. The Qelong Valley has been poisoned by accident and forgotten by its killers. Only the scavengers remain, and the worms that grow in the corpse.”

“If your campaign takes place on Earth or a close analogue, Sajavedra maps generally to Cambodia; the Qelong River valley specifically to the portion south and west of the Cardamom and Elephant Ranges.”

James adds:

“Magical fallout, the elephant lich, the hundred-mile-long naga, the Lotus Monks, the insect-possessed myrmidons, and so much more…”

Schweet. Obviously, this sounds like it would work well in the fantasy Vietnam War mashup setting of the Fire in the Jungle Supplement.  The “Lost Shell” or “Cylinder” sounds like a stray canister of Agent Orange or the wizard-tech equivalent of a tactical nuclear weapon.

Looking forward to this module.


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