The Illustrations of Giac My

August 14, 2012

I recall seeing an advertisement in an old gaming mag for Giac My suggesting that it was a fantasy Vietnam War rpg. Elves…hobbits…orcs…guerrillas…jungle…machine guns…etc. Sounded interesting.

Nope. When I eventually got my hands on Giac My, I discovered it was simply a modern warfare in jungle miniatures game. Nothing fantastical about it. I was a little disappointed. There’s no chance I’ll ever play it, but it’s still a cool little book.

Published in 1978 by FanTac Games. Size, style, and layout is a lot like an OD&D little brown book. Sprinkled throughout are rather silly but fun illustrations by F. MacCrae and R. Foerster.

This post is a shrine to the illustrations of Giac My.

Ambush! 1970

On Watch – Achau Valley, 1968

Hobo Woods Poacher 1967

Monsoon Season in Tay Nihn – 1969

Pungi – Na Trang, 1965

Firebase map

Forward Operating Base map

Huey over Kontum – 1967

Tunnel Warfare rules and NVA Regular – 1968

Looks like a hut on fire.

“Fort Apache” 1968


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