Jungle Alert! A Field Guide to Doomsday…Welcome to the Jungle

April 21, 2012

Justin Davis at A Field Guide to Doomsday is doing a series of monster graphics and descriptions based on those in the Fire in the Jungle Supplement! First in the series…Tuskhog.
Next…Green Tiger.
Next…Rust Rhino.
Next…Rust Rhino Redux.
Next…Horned Hippo.

I’m excited that Justin is doing these posts because there wasn’t much room in the Supplement to give the monsters more than a brief description, and Justin’s pretty much the best monster designer in the OSR blog-o-rama. Later this year, I plan to release a post-apoc “Blasted Jungle” supplement featuring some of Justin’s unique creations. Check out his site…he’s got fun and games.

In other jungle news, there’s a manhunt in Uganda:

“For Ugandan soldiers tasked with catching Joseph Kony, the real threat is not the elusive Central Africa warlord and his brutal gang. Encounters with the Lord’s Resistance Army rebels are so rare that Kony hunters worry more about the threats of the jungle: Armed poachers, wild beasts, honey bees, and even a fly that torments their ears.”


One Response to “Jungle Alert! A Field Guide to Doomsday…Welcome to the Jungle”

  1. Excellent! I found your site via Justin’s blog. I’m really looking forward to your release of Blasted Jungle!

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