Sitcom and Soap Opera in the Dark Jungle

March 15, 2012

Last year I posted a system for generating a “Dark Jungle” map and sandbox setting using Mahjong tiles.  Included in the system is an unexplained list of NPCs.  Here’s more info about them, and suggestions of relationships between them.  I drew up a crude relationship map, but it was a mess so I decided to just type it out like this:

El Grande Loco (Giancarlo Montoya)
An explorer from an earlier age.  Made a deal with a dragon for immortality.  Worried that Pantherclaw Glin Topp knows where his treasure is located.  Claims to be a “cosmic brother” of Lung-Eatin’ Hayes.

Night Bird’ s Shadow
Accomplished warrior of the Bat tribe.  Seeks to kill Lung-Eatin’-Hayes.  Has a wager with Thed Zoltar.  Is arranging a business deal with Eberhard Dunwitty.  Annoyed by Singing Python and Taken By Dragons sometimes, but he tolerates their chumminess.

Lung-Eatin’ Hayes (Mossy Hayes)
Legendary jungle man, now rarely encountered in his wanderings.  Knows that Night Bird’s Shadow is after him, but unaware of Singing Python‘s bad heart against him.  Wishes El Grande Loco would just leave him alone.  Often trades panther claws to Pantherclaw Glin Topp.

Singing Python
Warrior of the Greyfoot tribe, daughter of Chief Broken Rain and sister of the slain Running Bird.   Seeks to kill Lung-Eatin’ Hayes for some reason.  Has Taken By Dragons under her spell, but she’s falling for Night Bird’s Shadow.  Sees Through Leaves knows something about her that nobody else does.

Pantherclaw Glin Topp
Elusive but gregarious jungle man who hunts panthers obsessively.  Claims to have smoked with El Grande Loco.  Best pal of Lung-Eatin’ Hayes.  Believes Thed Zoltar is an abrasive blowhard.  Had a fling with Sees Through Leaves in their younger days and the old man is trying to woo her again, but she’s having none of it.

Taken By Dragons
Outcast half-breed warrior of the Squarehead tribe.  Hates jungle men, even his father Thed Zoltar. His mother is Sees Through Leaves.  He is Singing Python‘s whipped lover.  Has an inferiority complex towards Night Bird’s Shadow.

Thed Zoltar
An old timer and considered by many to be the original “jungle man”.  First outsider to see the sulfur pits and steam geysers now called Zoltar’s Hell.  Believes Pantherclaw Glin Topp is a pompous ass.  Has a wager with Night Bird’s Shadow.  Father of Taken By Dragons.  Regrets past relationship with Sees Through Leaves.

Sees Through Leaves
Medicine trader of the Squarehead tribe.  Has a curious “Harold and Maude” relationship with Eberhard Dunwitty.  Best customer is Pantherclaw Glin Topp.  Knows a secret about Singing Python.  Mother of Taken By Dragons.  Regrets past relationship with Thed Zoltar.

Eberhard Dunwitty
A young and ambitious jungle man.  Plans to renege on a deal with Thed Zoltar.  Wants to build a trading fort deep in the jungle, in Bat territory, but doesn’t fully trust Night Bird’s Shadow.  Supplies Sees Through Leaves with trade goods from the Empire.


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