Combat Artist Teams (CATs) in the Jungle

March 2, 2012

From the Wikipedia page:

“In June 1966, the Army Vietnam Combat Artists Program was established as part of the United States Army Art Program, utilizing teams of soldier-artists to make pictorial records of U.S. Army activities in the course of the Vietnam War for the annals of military history. The concept of the Vietnam Combat Art Program had its roots in WW II when the U.S. Congress authorized the Army to use soldier-artists to record military operations in 1944.

Nine Combat Artist Teams (CATs) operated in Vietnam. Typically, each team consisted of five soldier artists who spent 60 days of temporary duty (TDY) in Vietnam gathering information and making preliminary sketches of U.S. Army related activities. The teams then transferred to Hawaii for an additional 75 days to finish their work. Artists were given artistic freedom and encouraged to depict subjects in their own individual styles.”

At that page there are dozens of examples of the work of the CATs, but these are the most relevant to the themes of Fire in the Jungle:

Attack at Twilight

Swamp Patrol

Second Platoon Assault

Night Operation

Big and Little Firepower

Looking Down the Trail

Mortar Attack Counterfire

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