Jungle Alert! Fuego en la Jungla

February 13, 2012

Always fun to see what sites are linking to Fire in the Jungle.  Over the weekend, some visitors came from a Spanish blog:


(Here’s the page as translated to English by Google.)

Sounds like an epic campaign he’s planning to run using Adventurer Conquerer King.  Here’s where FitJ is mentioned (Google translation):

“Taking these modules published by “TSR”, adding some classic viejunos the editorial “Judges Guild” and “Caverns of Thracia” and including some modern inputs (and free) as the sandbox Blackmarsh and Fire in the Jungle , the dungeons of Castle the Mad Archmage and Dyson’s Delve , or the various compilations adventure Contest One Page Dungeon … I have adventures to play but not a year a decade ;).”

Ok, this was just an excuse for me to post this completely unrelated picture…


4 Responses to “Jungle Alert! Fuego en la Jungla”

  1. I love that we are big in Brazil!

  2. Hello,

    I’m the author of the blog you’ve linked. Indeed, I’m planning an Old School sandbox campaign, using the new ACKS system (a very good retroclone for running sandbox campaigns, IMHO).

    I love jungle adventures and campaigns (“X1: Isle of Dread” is an old favorite of me) and “Fire in the Jungle” is a very good supplement. I probably will use the map as a southern isle in my own world map.

    Best regards,

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