The Blasted Jungle Comes Alive!

February 2, 2012

In preparation for a little campaign set in the Blasted Jungle that I hope to run soon, I’ve been jotting down some additional notes about a few locations in that post-apocalyptic setting.  The seeds of a sandbox.  To make more sense of these notes, please read a previous post about the Blasted Jungle.

Who is Rad Joe? Perhaps true transmissions from the old empire?  A lone wizard deep in the jungle, sending signals from the Magnetic Mountain?  Maybe a supernatural power from another world?  Or just a lone tech smith who figured out how to correctly operate a beam box?  None of the above?

Rock Bottom is a fortified village and a local base of the Resistance.  The Old Gym is a large building in the center of the village.  The gym is loaded with ancient junk and the contraptions built by the village’s tech smiths.   There is a sign on the door that says “Suzi, Elf for Hire”.  This refers to the little green bus hidden under a large oil-stained tarpaulin, retrofitted with what the techs call “war bus” armaments.  They are eager to find someone with the guts to drive it through Phantom Soldier territory.  Leaders here are a lot like Peter Frampton and Rusty Warren.

“Too Small” is the code name that the Resistance has given to a secret cave containing a freshwater spring.  The cave is located in one of the few stands of old growth green jungle remaining in the Blasted Jungle and is one of the few sources of fresh, clean water in the region.  A small community lives here, including several pure strain humans, hoarding a fantastic collection of chocolate, soap, and hosiery.  A cult of warrior women called the Virgin Jungle Force guard and patrol the area.  The Phantom Solders want to find and capture the spring and it’s occupants, of course.  Leaders here are a lot like Kenny Rogers and Setsuko Hara.

The Castle is a ruined hill-top stronghold with a commanding view of the surrounding blasted jungle.  It’s the main headquarters of the Phantom Soldiers.  General Li is here and he is a lot like Lee Van Cleef.  There is an evil priestess here that is a lot like Sabrina Siani.  They are trying to build a rocket ship out of bamboo and tin foil.

Mudhole is a Phantom Soldier hideout located in a remote region of the jungle.  An elaborate bamboo prison confines captives and subjects them to bizarre tortures.  Leaders here are a lot like Klaus Kinski and Pam Grier, and they have lasers.


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