Jungle Alert! Voluntary Isolation in the Jungle

February 1, 2012

Considering that I’ve had a few posts lately about jungle natives, this is timely news coming out of Peru:

Mashco-Piro ‘uncontacted’ Peruvian tribe pictured

Two good links found in that article.  One is to a site full of pictures, videos, and articles about uncontacted tribes:  www.uncontactedtribes.org.  Study and protection of these kinds of tribes has come a long way since the Tasaday debacle.

Another link is to an article  at www.anthropology-news.org containing accounts of previous encounters with the Mashco-Piro and also explanations of why some tribes engage in voluntary isolation.  Disease is a primary factor.  Carlos Fermin Fitzcarrald also.  (A previous post that mentions Werner Herzog’s Fitzcarraldo.)  Interesting to note that on the occasions that these voluntarily isolated tribes do approach outsiders, their primary purpose seems to be the procurement of metal machetes and cooking pots.





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