FitJ Supplement now available in digest format

January 4, 2012

The new handcrafted digest version of the Fire in the Jungle supplement is now available.  Get yours now while my printing supplies last!

MagCloud now offers “digest format” as a publishing option, but I want separate cardstock covers, dammit!  So I reworked the layout, converted some images, and printed up a copy on my desktop printer.  Here it is hanging out with other digests…

The largest obstacle was what to do with all the full-color art and maps…

  • I tried a test print of “The Lonely Gorilla” cover art in full-color but I wasn’t satisfied with the job my desktop printer was doing with it, and it used a lot of ink.  So I transformed the image to inverted grayscale.  This gives it a nice look in B&W print on green cardstock without consuming massive amounts of ink.
  • I also tried an enlarged full-color test print of the The Tomb of the Monkey God map.  It used a boatload of green ink and my printer couldn’t give it the crisp look of the original image, so I decided to change it to grayscale.  The disadvantage is that the map loses some of the coolness of the original image’s deepening shades of green.  The advantage that it’s twice as large as in the original FitJ supplement.
  • The jungle hex map and the player’s map are printed in full-color on a cream cardstock.  These maps  won’t use obscene amounts of ink and my printer does a good job of reproducing them in color.  I tested some grayscale versions, but too much detail was lost.
  • “Egot in Oil” is not in the digest version, unfortunately.  Printing it in full-color wouldn’t work well on my printer, and grayscale wouldn’t do it justice.  Replacing it is an old woodcut piece that looks nice in B&W.

To summarize, some of the images worked better in full-color with my printer, others in grayscale.  So the digest edition of the FitJ supplement has double cardstock covers to fulfill these needs.

The text booklet is twenty digest pages in length and, except for the layout, almost entirely the same as in the original FitJ supplement.  Some sentences were slightly altered to fit the new layout better, but those are only minor changes.  The biggest change was due to an extra half-page of space that was available, into which I added the Bolo Man character class.  There was another small space available that allowed me to include a shortened version of the Great Flood myth.

The digest edition is only available direct from me.  Go here to the FitJ Supplement page to order.  $10 for US buyers, $17 for Canada buyers, $19 for buyers anywhere else in the world.  The price includes USPS Priority Mail shipping.


2 Responses to “FitJ Supplement now available in digest format”

  1. Blair said

    That looks awesome!

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