Typhoon Paths in the Jungle

December 20, 2011

That is the path of Tropical Storm Washi (Typhoon Sendong), which caused much flooding, destruction, and loss of life in Cagayan de Oro and Iligan City on Mindanao, Philippines last week.  My condolences to the victims.

The next map apparently shows the path of typhoons over the Philippines since 1947…

The map shows just how rare it is for Mindanao, the country’s large southern island, to experience typhoons (except for Surigao in the NE corner of the island).


Henri Rousseau – “Surprised” – Tiger In A Tropical Storm


3 Responses to “Typhoon Paths in the Jungle”

  1. dariel said

    Let me know when you’re passing Davao. I’ll be based there starting January next year 🙂 Let’s meet up!

  2. dpbrandt said

    Probably won’t be get back to the Philippines for a few years. My daughter just turned two, so I’m not eager to take any long flights for awhile! 🙂 Will let you know tho.

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