Jungle in Fight On!

December 19, 2011

Several months ago I submitted three things for inclusion in issue #13 of Fight On!  It’s now available in print and pdf.  Looking at the table of contents and preview, it appears that one and a half of my submissions made it into this issue.  I haven’t seen the full magazine yet, but when I do I’ll post here my other submissions that didn’t make the cut.  None of my submissions had anything to do with jungles, but some of it grew out of the same thinking that produced Phantasy Cave.

In the meantime, I combed through the Fight On! issues that I have in print or pdf to find the best jungle-related articles.  There hasn’t been much jungle stuff in the first twelve issues of the mag, but here’s the two winners…

Issue #9:  “The Yellow Forest….dinosaur jungle encounters” by Jerry Stratton.
Five pages of charts and descriptions of 37 animals, dinosaurs, insects, plants, terrain, weather and more.  Or as the author describes it:  “…filled with creatures from all eras of dinosaur movies.”  A great article for a DM interested in a lost world/dinosaur-type jungle setting.  I’d rate it as an upgrade over the encounter charts in X1 Isle of Dread.

Speaking of dinosaurs in the jungle, check out these bad boys…

Issue #10:  “City of the Ancients” by Chris Robert.
“The Irrationalists engaged in a sorcerous ritual that ran wild.  They had intended to transport the City to a new location in time & space, a magic-laden jungle world that had appeared to them amidst fevered dreams born of narcotic fumes.  Instead, a portion of that world was brought to The Darkness Beneath, and the UnderJungle was born.”

This is part of the Darkness Beneath megadungeon project that has appeared in every issue of the magazine so far.  The section describing the UnderJungle is only four of the article’s 21 pages, but a great four pages it is.  Here’s a sampling of the monsters and encounters to be found therein:

Droid XXA-936Ω (aka The Implacable Hunter, The Predator)
Fungus-men (“just watching”)
Ambling Shambling Mound
Irrationalist Search Party, looking for the Totem of the Putrescent Blooms
Lost Flying Machine
Suicide Pool
Giant Jungle Ants
Fungal Obscenity
Rude Camp of Deep Ones
…and more

A bonus in issue #10 is Lord Kilgore’s one-page “Heart of Darkness” hex jungle setting, but that is already available for free on his blog, here.

Perhaps the UnderJungle looks something like this…


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