Jungle Alert! Optimal Foraging Theory @ The Lands of Ara

November 15, 2011

Check out what Spawn of Endra has to say about starvation, foraging, hunting and how they relate to D&D wilderness play at the Lands of Ara site.  Spawn is currently doing field work and dissertation writing in Belize and so has first hand experience with food “in the bush”.  He then treats us to some Mayan gopher stew.

I wrote about starvation in the jungle here:  Making Jungle Travel its Own Adventure.

Funny how I found Spawn’s blog post.  I was reading the comments of a post at the Underdark Gazette and almost fell out of my chair when I saw Mr. Carter Soles mention “Fire in the Jungle” as one of his favorite OSR products.  I clicked on his profile and found that he contributes posts at The Lands of Ara.  I’m not exactly a well-known OSR blogger, so I thank Carter for mentioning my work.

And because I always like to include a pretty picture in short blog posts like this, here’s one with vibrant fecundity…

from jakebehrmann.blogspot.com


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