Missing in Action

October 6, 2011

This blog has covered most of the ground that I envisioned when I created it 9 months ago, so things will slow down here.  Hopefully this opens up time for me to work on other potential projects, one of which is an expansion or sequel to the Fire in the Jungle RPG Supplement.  I’m not missing in action, but new posts likely won’t occur on a regular schedule.

Speaking of Missing in Action…here’s Chuck Norris.

Missing in Action (1984), directed by Joseph Zito in the Philippines.  Over-the-top bonkers, as far as ‘Nam movies go.  But, surprise, there really isn’t much jungle and none better than average.

Missing in Action 2: The Beginning (1985), directed by Lance Hool in Mexico and St. Kitts, an island in the Caribbean.  A Jungle as Prison movie.  Great action in the second half and best jungle in the trilogy.

Braddock: Missing in Action 3 (1988), directed by Aaron Norris (Chuck’s brother) in the Philippines.  No jungle, just a breezy coconut plantation.  Notable for its depiction of the fall of Saigon.

Another by Chuck’s bro:

Platoon Leader (1988), directed by Aaron Norris in South Africa.  Decent jungle here, but this falls in the dreaded “definitely not a real movie, but not trashy or fun enough to be worthwhile” category.  The first half of MIA2 and most of MIA3 fall into the same category, which means the original MIA is likely the only one of these that I’ll possibly rewatch anytime in the next decade or so.

Did you know there was a Missing in Action arcade game?

Run through the jungle.

Fire in the Jungle. Game over.

2 Responses to “Missing in Action”

  1. Hey. I just used your MIA pic in my post and linked back to you. Let me know if that is OK. Will find another if it is not. Love the blog… really interesting.

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