Now you can put ANYTHING in the Jungle!

September 26, 2011

Remember this pic I took in the Philippines this summer

I did some transformations in the GIMP to create a foreground transparency.  Here it is with a bright background to show detail…

Combined with a picture I took in Mexico

Or combined with Katibawasan Falls

Fire in the jungle…

Moscow in the jungle…

Now you can put anything in the jungle!  Got any pics that you’d like to put “in the jungle”?  Works best if they have a bright background.

2 Responses to “Now you can put ANYTHING in the Jungle!”

  1. Would your great work, the template for putting anything in the jungle, by any chance be permitted for use in others’ work? I’m leaning how to use Gimp to make pictures for my novel’s website and for novel trailer videos. I need to be able to give buildings the look of long abandonment.

    Liam Kincaid

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