Killing Machines in the Jungle

September 22, 2011

Here’s two legendary pieces of garbage that have a few things in common.  For starters, they were both filmed in the Philippines, of course.

Phantom Soldiers (1987).  Directed by Teddy Page.  Insane Namsploitation with excellent jungle.  A couple elements similar to Predator, but this is a unique and special trasher.  Best of genre?

Robowar (1989).  Directed by Bruno Mattei (aka Vincent Dawn), previously mentioned here as director of the notorious Strike Commando.  A hilarious mashup of Predator and Robocop, with decent jungle.

Highlight reel:

We have a title! And infravision.

This villager tried to sneak up on a Phantom Soldier, but... didn't end well for that villager...

...or his village.

Predator rip-off scene. Just not the same without a massive gatling gun.

Mike Monty. I salute you.

This poor communist just realized...

...his fate.

Ironically, despite the loads of blood and gore in Phantom Soldiers, the turning point in the plot is when the chef nicked his finger while cutting sausage.

Now, on to Robowar:


The RoboHunter

Is this too subtle?

Fire in the jungle. Game over.

2 Responses to “Killing Machines in the Jungle”

  1. […] (1983), directed by Teddy Page (“famous” for Phantom Soldiers).  Starts off looking like a “big gun in the jungle” movie, but then the big gun and […]

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