Tech in the Blasted Jungle

September 20, 2011

To prevent a future post from growing too long, these item descriptions are getting their own post:

AOKs (Alpha Omega Kans)
Hand-sized canister grenade that explodes with an effect similar to but less powerful than a Cloudkill spell.  Creates a cloud of purplish fog with a diameter of 30′.  The fog kills any living creature with 2 or fewer HD who fails a saving throw versus poison.  A new save must be made each round.  Otherwise, they suffer 1 hp of damage per round while in the cloud.  Creatures with 3 or more HD suffer 1 hp of damage per round while in the cloud.  The best protection is to wear a Blast Mask and not let the fog touch skin.  The cloud dissipates after 30 minutes.  Vegetation in cloud will shrivel, deform, and likely change color.

Blast Masks
Biochemical masks with blast resistant eye protection and helmet.  Protects wearer from most severe effects of exposure in areas contaminated with magical radiation and from the vapors produced by AOKs.  Also provides infravision to the wearer.

Beam Boxes
Long ago called “radios”, but now called Beam Boxes in reference to the mind control beams they are believed to send and receive.  Technical knowledge of their design and usage is lost and replaced by ritual manipulation by worshipers of the “Rad Joe” deity.  A typical Beam Box Shrine contains several of the devices stacked atop each other, alight in an electric glow and squealing with signal fluctuation, static, and crosstalk.

Gorilla Detector
I’ll let Dr. Bunsen Honeydew explain this one…

One Response to “Tech in the Blasted Jungle”

  1. […] called the Phantom Soldiers.  They reject the worship of Rad Joe and aim to take control of all “Beam Boxes” to learn how they function and who Rad Joe really is.  They see Rad Joe followers as mindless […]

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