Escape from the Cursed Archipelago, et al.

September 15, 2011

For those people clamoring for more Namsploitation movies filmed in the Philippines, here’s five more…

Eye of the Eagle 2: Inside the Enemy, directed by Carl Franklin (1989).  Cirio Santiago is credited as a producer of this movie, and he directed Eye of the Eagle 1 and 3, so I’ll include this in his Vietnam catalog too.  Solid jungle action at times, but not enough…very short movie and much of it set in the city.

Beyond the Call of Duty, directed by Cirio Santiago (1992).  Unique among Santiago’s Vietnam flicks in that it is about a Mekong patrol boat trying to escape the interior after the fall of South Vietnam.  But don’t tell these guys to “Never get out of the boat.”  Frequent stops are made to thwart ambushes, rescue children and a nun, demolish bridges, touch up the boat’s paint job, etc.  Oh, there is gold treasure too.

I think I’ve now watched every Vietnam and Post-Apocalypse movie by Cirio Santiago.  Good times.  Now I move on to the Nam movies directed by Italian trash master Antonio Margheriti, a.k.a. Anthony Dawson

The Last Hunter (1980).  A.k.a L’ultimo Cacciatore and Hunter of the Apocalypse.  David Warbeck stars in this mashup of Apocalypse Now and The Deer Hunter. Think about that for a moment.

Tiger Joe (1982).  A.k.a. Fuga dall’arcipelago maledetto (literally:  Escape from the Cursed Archipelago) Many of the same actors as in The Last Hunter, but Tiger Joe is nowhere near as good.  This and Tornado also borrow some generic footage from The Last Hunter.  About a gun runner shot down in Cambodia, I think.  Nothing really makes sense, but worth watching just to see Tony King’s performance as “Midnight”.  His bright yellow jump suit in the jungle is brilliant.  I think traveling the world creating and acting in low budget movies would be one of the greatest jobs imaginable.

Tornado (1983).  A.k.a The Last Blood.  Standard “platoon operations in the Vietnam bush” stuff in first half, but then became a First Blood-inspired romp through the jungle in the second half.  Mike Monty makes an appearance and it’s his best performance I’ve seen.  I think he was drunk during filming.  Jungle is nothing special here…appears to have been filmed in a coconut and palm plantation.  Movies like this are what created the popular notion (in America at least) that jungles always look like what is seen in the intros of video games like Ikari Warriors and Operation Wolf:

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