Jungle Alert! Giant Croc in Mindanao

September 5, 2011

Last Monday I was writing about some trashy movies from the Philippines when I read the news about an actual avalanche of trash there.  Then a couple days later I posted an old picture of a huge crocodile.  And now today I read the news of a massive crocodile captured alive in Agusan, Mindanao, Philippines.  Bizarre.

The croc in the old picture looks bigger than this one, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s due to an illusion of perspective.  The two people in the old picture are probably standing several yards back to make the croc look larger.  It’s a well known trick among fishermen:  hold the fish as far out in front of you as possible when the picture is taken.  That new croc may be just as big or bigger.

Coincidentally, the municipality where this was caught is adjacent to where I visited the Tinuy-an Falls in July.

5 Responses to “Jungle Alert! Giant Croc in Mindanao”

  1. Alex said

    And they were probably crouching down in that old pic too.

    damn, that’s huge!

  2. Anonymous said

    No they’re not crouching,they are just filipino. lol

  3. crouching down or not that is one huge croc!

  4. Mark said

    That old pic is Krystina Pawlowski and her husband in Queensland Australia. The croc is the world record shot by Krystina at 8.63meters. Must admit the other croc look close to that record.

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