Jungle in the Magic

June 21, 2011

Say what you will about Magic: The Gathering, but it is lavishly illustrated.   Say what you will about the quality of art on Magic cards in general, but there are some nice pieces.  Of course, jungle artwork is at the top of my list, so I recently assembled my favorites in a stack of 100 cards.  Here are some of the best:

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It’s not a playable Magic deck, just random stuff.  My plan is to have the stack handy whenever DMing a game in the jungle and pull a random card for bits of inspiration at any time.  Not only can the artwork jump start the imagination, but so can the card name, flavor text, or even special abilities.

A DM could also construct the stack to serve as a random jungle event and encounter generator, but I’m not taking it that far yet.  One technique that I DO plan on employing is using the stack as a random jungle hallucination/dream/nightmare generator.  Draw two or more cards from the stack and twist or morph the elements on the card into something weird that may foreshadow the future, give a hint from the past, or just plain terrorize.

For example, combining the following two cards could produce things such as:   Hallucination of being attacked by a gorilla/snake mutant.   Or a dream about being captured by a tribe of gorillas who worship a wise snake.  Or PC hears an imaginary voice whisper in his ear: “In the soil of enlightenment sprouts the scales of immortality.”  Just go crazy with it, ya know.


One Response to “Jungle in the Magic”

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