Blood Beak Jade Slime Rust Rhino Crater Spawn

June 15, 2011

Blood Beak
This huge bird loves the color red.  Its beak is the size of a small canoe.  It doesn’t eat meat or drink blood, but kills indiscriminately to bring bloody bodies to its macabre nest.

Jade Slime
This slime’s texture and colors give it the appearance of wet jade. It ambushes its prey and eats through everything except stone and hair within a minute.  After eating through armor or clothing, it will eat through any non-hairy flesh on its victim within a minute. Jade Slime is immune to most attacks but is harmed by fire and killed instantly when touched by honey.

Rust Rhino
Large beasts with a hide of iron.  The hide can be harvested and fashioned into makeshift armor (AC 3), but its rusted state causes it to deteriorate quickly.  Deals 2x damage when charging.

Crater Spawn
Vile, mutant, emaciated apes born of the toxic crater pools in Scarred jungle regions.  They are solitary and wander the Scarred jungles at night in search of prey.  Eventually they get into the ant tunnels, from which they terrorize the entire jungle.  Their eyes have evolved into large white globes protruding from the tops of their heads, giving them infravision and superb vision in darkness.

2 Responses to “Blood Beak Jade Slime Rust Rhino Crater Spawn”

  1. Wow. I was working on a VERY similar concept to your rust rhino my own blog.

    Great minds, and all that.

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