Moon Lake! Sea of Desert! Doc Missing!

June 8, 2011

Botanist Leski Osmonov set out to explore the entirety of the lake he discovered previously.  He was successful, but not before his expedition was wiped out by natives and he explored alone for much of the way.  He named it Moon Lake for its crescent shape.  Still to be explored are the lands north of the jungle/swamp on the lake’s north east edge.  Next, Leski followed rumors of a Lost Civilization northwest of King Solomon’s Mines, but the rumors proved false.  On his way back, he visited his cache of treasure near the Mines and took out as much as he could carry.  Vast riches still remain there.

Journalist Kit Sharp successfully completed her exploration of the eastern basin of the Nile.  All that remains now is to explore whatever lies west of The Sudd.  She heard rumors of a Lost Civilization to the west of Lake Kentucky, but her way was blocked by swamp and a sea of desert.  Then tsetse flies sickened her entire expedition, killing several men and horses, and delaying her for three months.  Next, she picked a fight with a tribe and lost all her men in the battle.  She stumbled back to port and feverishly wrote up the story for publication in Europe.

Dr. Roger Smalley had planned to complete his exploration of the Congo basin.  Nobody has heard from him and he is presumed dead.

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