King Solomon’s Mines Found! Tribe is Descendant of King Arthur!

June 6, 2011

Last we heard from the Cairo Confidential, the surviving explorers had all gathered in the shadows of the Giza pyramids to plan their next expeditions.  Here are summaries of the results of these expeditions:

Journalist Kit Sharp completed two important objectives.  First, she completely mapped the Blue Nile.  Next, she mapped the boundaries of Lake Kentucky.  She also discovered that The Sudd swamps extended further east than previously thought, complicating exploration of the White Nile.   Other significant discoveries were the names of three tribes: the Hatsa, the Bahutu, and the Bushmen.  Kit even  sign pact with a chief awarding all his tribal lands to America.

Dr. Roger Smalley set out to complete exploration of the Congo basin.  He established the boundaries of the basin but was unable to map the entire river before his expedition was wiped out in an ambush of natives.  Dr. Smalley survived.  He discovered the edges of another river basin that extends far to the south, perhaps connecting to the Orange River or the Zambezi River. The doctor cured the diseases of several tribes, but his most important discovery was a bizarre tribe that claims the be descendants of King Arthur.  It seems their language has no word for “sad”, so perhaps Camelot lives, deep in the interior of Africa!  The publication of this discovery caused quite a stir in Europe and now Dr. Smalley is obligated to take witnesses to the tribe to establish the veracity of the tribe.

Botanist Leski Osmonov discovered a massive lake not far inland from the mouth of the Ogoue River.  He followed the south coast of the lake in canoes and then cached the watercrafts to follow rumors of a great discovery not far to the east.  A great discovery indeed…Leski found King Solomon’s Mines.  A witchy guide helped him gain access to the treasure chamber, but then betrayed him and trapped Leski and much of his expedition inside.  Fortunately, a secret passage was found descending into a labyrinth of mine shafts and eventually they found their way back to the surface.  So much treasure was retrieved that only half of it could be carried by the bearers back to civilization.  The other half was cached outside of the mine, waiting for Leski’s return.

Missionary Jose Miguel Harpua has not been heard from.  He is rumored to have died when his canoe was pulled into a whirlpool on the Niger River.

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Prior map

New map


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