Non-magical, Shiny, Slumped, Inky, Cushy, Unbreakable

June 1, 2011

The previous Special Chambers list was kinda weird, but this one takes it to another level:

Special Chambers (Weird) d6

A dead bard is slumped on a chair, clutching a lute with an engraving that says “This machine kills fascists…”.

A mechanical bull. Ride it for ten seconds and it instantly turns into a shiny, loud motorcycle.

3  Cache of sporting goods.  Football gear, golf equipment, surfboard, etc. Non-magical.

A functional printing press guarded by angry, inky homunculi.

A Lounge with a cushy leather armchair, a small table with a corncob pipe, a pouch of loose tobacco, a Zippophanes’ Fantastic Tinderbox, and a velvet smoking jacket with a fancy dragon embroidery.  If the jacket is worn, the tobacco lit by the tinderbox in the pipe, and smoke rings are blown while sitting in the chair, a demon will emerge from the smoke. It is ready to make deals.

A pod of rusted metal and broken glass.  There is a seat surrounded by levers and switches.  It is all dilapidated and useless.  The only piece in decent condition is a wooden box with a horn attached. On the box is a black disk with a label that says “Ride of the Valkyries” and “Unbreakable”.


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