May 30, 2011

An assortment of lairs to be found in the Ant Tunnels, or elsewhere…

Special Chambers (Assorted Lairs) d6
Straggler Lair.  Tex deserted during the Wizard Wars. He was a small but tough and brave fellow who could explore the the ant tunnels in search of the enemy.  During one mission in the tunnels he got lost, and when he finally found his way back, Tex discovered that the squad that had been waiting for him outside was wiped out and that area of the jungle was controlled by enemy wizard-soldiers.  He retreated back into the tunnels where he has been ever since. Tex grows luminescent fungus and tobacco for trade.  Both are much sought after by a variety of ant tunnels denizens.
The Great Gobbler. Ten times larger than a normal gobbler and practically immobile from obesity.  Gobblers worship it like a god and bring it a constant supply of food.  Several gobblers (d6) are attending to it and another gobbler arrives every d6 minutes bringing food.  The Great Gobbler assumes that the PCs have been brought here as a special feast.
Giant Dung Beetle Hatchery.  6d6 dung balls sit silently here. They are of various sizes, d6+6 feet tall.  Each has a 50% chance of containing treasure at its center.  If a ball doesn’t contain treasure, it holds d3+3 juvenile dung beetles at its center.  They are very hungry and attack immediately.
Giant Daddy Longlegs Hibernatoreum.  100d6 of these arachnids are in hibernation, filling this large chamber completely. To pass through, the PCs must climb through the tangled mass. Any misstep will send them into a frenzy, killing all the PCs.  At the center of the chamber is a polished meteorite that grants a random Secret Talisman power.
Giant Jack Ant and Giant Fire Ant Summit.  Ten of each type of ant is present in this chamber, conducting negotiations to end their ancient feud and work together towards combating the new threats in the tunnels:  the Tunnel Rats and the Crater Spawn.  In the center of the chamber is a bizarrely complex object…a 3D map of the ant tunnels.  Its complexity makes it practically useless for humans.  Some of these ants can speak human languages and my attempt to recruit PCs as allies.
6 Lair of the Sleeping Dragon, Pagod. The entrance is blocked by a thick stone door with a carved inscription in a magical language that reads: “HERE SLEEPS THE ANCIENT PAGOD GREAT IN FURY GREAT IN RICHES GREAT IN LOVE PLEASE DO NOT DISTURB MY FRIEND HE IS DEAD TIRED”.  The door pushes open with ease, revealing the flame lit room with the red dragon named Pagod on a hill of treasure. He wakes when the door opens, but pretends to still sleep until an opportune moment.  If characters who enter are all male, he is likely to attack.  If a female is present, he is likely to be friendly.  If there is a virgin female present, he will stay sleeping.  A magical jeweled sword is firmly, but harmlessly, lodged into his spine and surely tempting the PCs to extract.



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