Secret Cobra Hunters of the Incas Golden Empire

May 19, 2011

The opening scene of Raiders of the Lost Ark is iconic jungle cinema.  Unfortunately the original Indiana Jones trilogy (I haven’t seen Kingdom of the Crystal Skull) doesn’t have much other action in the jungle.  Maybe a little bit surrounding the Temple of Doom, but nothing special.  Thank goodness for Italian ripoffs of Indiana Jones.  Here’s two that were filmed in the Philippines.

Hunters of the Golden Cobra (1982).  Directed by Anthony Dawson (aka Antonio Margheriti).  Set on Palawan at the end of WW2.  Worth watching just for the British chap’s laugh.  Jungle footage is ok, natives’ blowguns are great, and the final volcano temple is aces.

British character about to laugh and cop a feel.

Secret of the Incas’ Empire (1988)  aka Alla ricerca dell’impero sepolto.   Directed by Gianfrano Parolini.  Apparently, the secret of the Inca’s empire was a large electronic synth piano.  Worth watching just for the scene where the dude sucks the poison out of the lady’s butt cheek wound.  Has a short, but fantastic dark jungle scene, complete with deafeningly noisy fauna.

Laser Eyes Bird Alien about to tickle the ivories.


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