Lesbian and Missionary Get Wet and Wild in the Dark Continent!

May 18, 2011

Miss Sharp and Jose Miguel Harpua arrived in Mombasa with a plan.  They’d travel overland to the east bank of the unexplored lake.  Trade for a canoe with the jungle tribe there.  Miss Sharp would paddle to the unknown west bank of the lake and then follow the coast to the south.  Jose would move along the southern coast and meet up with Miss Sharp somewhere in the middle.  If either explorer had difficulties or ran low on supplies, he or she would return to the eastern bank tribe and wait for the other to return.

The key to the plan was to establish friendship with the jungle tribe.  Without the tribe, they would have had no way of acquiring canoes.  The last time Miss Sharp had encountered this tribe, she was captured and barely escaped.

Well, not only did the tribe trade with them, but Jose also converted the chief to Christianity!  Miss Sharp still smirks whenever she thinks about it.

Miss Sharp journeyed across the lake, disappointed not to find the lost city or native kingdom that the rumors were suggesting.  Just tall mountains and diminishing supplies.  She was forced to return to the friendly jungle tribe on the east bank, hoping Jose does not overextend his expedition in search of her’s.

Meanwhile, Jose’s mounted expedition met serious difficulty, repeatedly getting lost and eating the extra horses.  He discovered that the lake continued further to the south than expected.  A massive inland body of water.  (Note:  I’m ignoring the rule that says a lake’s size is limited to three hexes.  I like the idea of massive inland bodies of water and not being able to predict where they might end.)  He could not risk further exploration and was forced to return to the friendly tribe.  Kit was there waiting for him.

They traded all the horses to outfit a more robust canoe exploration of the southern portion of the lake.  This joint expedition was a partial success, finding what they hope is the southern limit of the lake before turning back towards civilization.

The return trip was quite thrilling.  After caching the canoes to make an overland trip back to the coast, they barely survived the attack of an aggressive tribe.  Then they defeated an ambush of slavers and discovered their base of operations.  Dangerous, yes, but it sure made for a great story back in Europe!

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Known terrain before this expedion.

Known terrain after this expedion.


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