Tales From the Fire: The Boy in the Coffin

May 14, 2011

Translation of story told at a gathering with natives around a campfire in The Jungle:

His mother died, he was still being held, so they placed him also in the coffin.

He fed on the decomposition of his mother.

After some days had passed, they heard the noise of his knocking inside the coffin.

He came out of the coffin.

He went to the Stream, to the washing place, and he kept on returning after the people who washed sweet potatoes went away.

He would hide until the people who were washing sweet potatoes left, then he would return for the little sweet potatoes that they left behind, and on this he grew to maturity.

When he was grown, he came upon a woman guarding the rice from rice birds.

She said, “Who are you?”

“I don’t have a name. Let’s get married.”

She said, “Wait, so I can tell my father.”

She went home to her father, and said, “There is someone I met and we will get married.”

He said, “Bring him home then.”

So he followed her and she took him home.

They got married there.

They had many children there.

(Based on a story told by primitives in the jungles of the Philippines.)

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