Tales From the Fire: The Great Flood

May 13, 2011

Translation of story told at a gathering with natives around a campfire in The Jungle:

In the old times, the world was flooded by Giwamol.

A brother and sister were saved.

The name of the man was Nagnaya.

The name of the woman was Nata.

They sent a kingking bird to get fire from Aras.

Aras refused.

They sent (again) the kingking bird to get fire from Aras.

The kingking bird swooped up holding in its beak a piece of burning charcoal.

It took it to Giwamol’s mountain.

He made the fire burn.

Giwamol pushed away the water with his feet.

The water subsided.

He married together the brother and sister that had survived.

That is why now, relatives can marry each other, because Giwamol showed the way.

(Based on a story told by primitives in the jungles of the Philippines.)


2 Responses to “Tales From the Fire: The Great Flood”

  1. Alex Osias said

    Wow! What’s your source of all these primitive stories? Luzon? Visayas? Mindanao? They’re pretty interesting.

    I’ve run into some interesting cultural practices — like these witchy women who break cheap vases at wakes/funerals every time some one new arrives, and a box of baby chicks kept near the casket if someone who died died in injustice — but I’ve not heard of these stories before.

  2. dpbrandt said

    They are from a language researcher’s data library:

    Primarily north central Luzon, I believe. I just edit them slightly to clarify or shorten them, and change the spellings of some proper names. I’ll post another one of my favorites soon.

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