Witch Doctors, Cannibals Kill Three Explorers!

May 12, 2011


Geologist Higgins Cloppington is said to have been poisoned by a witch doctor while trading with a tribe of natives on the Benue River.   His expedition had only just begun and had not gone far before meeting its fate.

Zoologist Jean-Paul LeBeau is rumored to have discovered  several new species of animals and a massive lake connected to the Congo River, but then poisoned by a tribe while on his return journey to the coast.

Ethnologist Ambrosius Ezzi likely followed the Ogoue river deep into the jungle and was possibly on the verge of a major discovery when he was ambushed and eaten by cannibals.  His expedition had been in Africa for more than two years in pursuit of its goal, only to come to a tragic ending.

That’s how it goes when playing Source of the Nile.  Ironically, two explorers were poisoned while trading even though I was using a house rule that changed the chance of that happening from 1-in-6 to 1-in-36.  Long expeditions are nearly impossible without depending on trade with “friendly” tribes.

When an explorer dies in Source of the Nile, his discoveries are wiped from the map.  They become only rumor and have no influence on what might be newly discovered there by later explorers.  So while Ezzi’s expedition is rumored to have discovered the terrain shown in the map below, it will likely end up being totally different than what is later discovered there.

Of course, rumors are always more scandalous and terrifying than reality.  Perhaps these explorers actually died of starvation or disease.  Perhaps they still live.

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All this terrain and discoveries are wiped from the map...only rumors remain.


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