Alcatraz Island: Used to exterminate mutants

May 5, 2011

Ralph Bakshi’s Wizards is an obvious influence on the Fire in the Jungle setting, especially how it mixes real world stuff into a bizarre science fantasy setting.  And I love the movie’s ending.

Wizards is clearly influenced by Vaughn Bode’s Cobalt 60, a short comic tale created in the late 1960’s.  Check out this slick Flash movie that recreates the introduction to Cobalt 60.

In the 1980’s, Mark Bode expanded upon his father’s post-apocalypse world and characters, creating a four-part comic book series of Cobalt 60.  I found the story in this expanded series to be ho-hum, but the art is wonderful.   Especially fun is the map of post-apocalyptic San Francisco Bay found in issue #1.  That first issue is also notable for containing Vaughn’s original b&w Cobalt 60 comic tale.

I love this crater-scarred map of the land of Cobalt 60.  There’s your Gamma World sandbox right there.  The location names are quite evocative.  Click to enlarge.


One Response to “Alcatraz Island: Used to exterminate mutants”

  1. That’s a fantastic map! I too love the craters and the names as well.

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