Revenge in the Dark Jungle: Lung-Eatin’ Hayes

May 3, 2011

Mossy’s Kickin’ Boots never miss.  The Bat war chief is stunned.  You muse:

“A swift kick to the family jewels to straighten you up.  Then I plunge my blade into your chest.”

Easy as that.  In a bout of savagery, you reach into the dead leader’s chest and grab an organ:

1 Lung
2 Spleen
3 Liver
4 Kidney
5 Pancreas
6 Heart

(d6 = 1, Lung)

You rip out a lung and take a bite.  You are now known as Lung-Eatin’ Hayes.

(Successful Luck Saving Roll)

The sentry fires an arrow at you but misses.  You glower at him and he trembles as he draws back another arrow.

(Successful Luck Saving Roll)

He misses again.  You growl as you take another bite of the lung.  The sentry scrambles and jumps down from his perch in the tree and runs away.

The tale of your revenge spreads quickly through the jungle, but the story is not over.  The Bat tribe is embarrassed and is now debating how to get their own revenge.  To be continued…

And thus the tale of Lung-Eatin’ Hayes has been told.  Check out the previous posts about Revenge in the Dark Jungle.


One Response to “Revenge in the Dark Jungle: Lung-Eatin’ Hayes”

  1. Molly O'Jolly said

    Yay!! I always wanted to be known as Lung-Eatin’ Hayes.

    Or Liver-Eatin’ Hayes, or Heart-Eatin’ Hayes, etc., etc.

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