The Cairo Confidential

April 29, 2011

Von Kentucky – Explorer
Ambrosius Ezzi – Ethnologist
Higgins Cloppington – Geologist
Jean-Paul LeBeau – Zoologist
Leski Osmonov – Botonist
Jose Miguel Harpua – Missionary
Dr. Roger Smalley – Doctor
Kit Sharp – Journalist

Sometime in the middle of the 19th century, this diverse collection of men (and a woman) gathered in a makeshift brandy shack in the shadow of the Giza pyramids near Cairo, Egypt.  They were there either as members of new expeditions heading up the Nile River or hoping to join such an expedition.  The brandy flowed freely that night, until finally Von Kentucky said what was on everybody’s mind:

“Shit. I’m tired of the desert already.”

Everybody grumbled in agreement.

“What the hell are we doing here?  I figure the best way to discover where the source of the Nile IS is to discover where it IS NOT!”

There was a mixture of nodding, applause, and “hear hear”.  Then Leski said:

“They say southern Africa is a bountiful garden of breezy veldt, wet forests, and misty mountains dissected by gentle rivers!”

After some discussion and drawing of straws, the Cairo Confidential was formed.  They would pool their resources, each set out for different ports along the east and west coasts of the southern half of Africa, and follow the rivers inland.  Then, combining their discoveries and the profits gained from publishing these discoveries, they would form the ultimate expedition to finally discover the…

Source of the Nile.

(A high resolution version of the above map can be downloaded here.)

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  1. trey said

    Nice hex map.

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