Revenge in the Dark Jungle: Pink-Eyed Ghost

April 28, 2011

You call out a challenge to the Bat leader in a bastardized dialect. The native warriors frantically look for you in all directions, but the echo of your voice deceives them.

You swing down from the canopy on vines, stealthily in the shadows around the camp.  Silently you touch down in the middle of the camp.  Only the leader saw you coming and he chuckles.  The two body guards flee into the jungle as if they’d seen a ghost.  With your sickly pale skin and wild pink eyes that have barely seen sleep for the past week, you look like a ghost indeed.

The leader tosses his bow aside and charges you with a war cry and bone hatchet poised.  Which maneuver do you attempt?

Grab the wrist of his hatchet arm and chop it with your machete.
Duck and launch.
Kick him in the crotch.

All are welcome to participate in this adventure.  Just indicate in the comments which course of action you’d like to see followed.  Optionally, you can provide a semi-relevant movie quote and a bonus will be granted to the character’s rolls.  Check out the previous posts about Revenge in the Dark Jungle.


3 Responses to “Revenge in the Dark Jungle: Pink-Eyed Ghost”

  1. Molly O'Jolly said

    I’ll resort to what my older brothers taught me. If some freaky dude is trying to get fresh, kick him in the balls. Perhaps not the most fitting way to derail a chieftain, but he does seem like a freaky dude. So, let’s kick his balls up into his sternum!!

  2. Alex Osias said

    Duck & launch baby! Use dat momentum against’um.

  3. dpbrandt said

    Tied vote goes to the earliest vote. A kick to the balls.

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