The Rooster, the Witch, and the Treehouse

April 20, 2011

The Enigma Treehouse remains an enigma.  For unknown reasons, an eccentric wizard general stayed in the jungle to study after the Wizard Wars.  He built his home and lab high atop the canopy and entertained no visitors…except one.  The woman now known as The Witch was just a wayward jungle native, her clan destroyed by the war.  The wizard took her in as an apprentice.

At some point, the wizard seems to have disappeared from the jungle and the treehouse has sat abandoned since, but The Witch remains and continues to grow in power.  She is very old, but sorcery has maintained her youth and beauty.  She wishes to seduce Ceptaar and guide him to become ruler of the jungle…for her own benefit, of course.  Her screeching violin has a strange power of attraction.

Zougklapteryx, Master of Spies, is a jungle rooster, but was once the Wizard of Enigma Treehouse. The Witch transformed him into a noble fowl.  He wanders the jungle as a spy of The Witch.  In fact, he has recruited nearly every chicken in the jungle as spies.  Each native village has several roosters working for him.  Those who refuse are killed in rigged cockfighting matches.  Zougklapteryx has razors attached to his talons.  If someone were to intensely study the pattern of his corn-pecking movements, they would discover an encoded message: “She must be stopped”.


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