Revenge in the Dark Jungle: The Spider-Chopper!

April 19, 2011

You enter the territory of the Giant Daddy Longlegs.  The flashing lights of the will-o-the-wisp cast thin shadows at the edge of your visions…the shadows of the many Longlegs.  You know they are out there, excited by the scent of your bloody wounds, but they are deathly patient and won’t reveal themselves until you’ve entered their trap.

You, of course, are vigilant of the danger and aware of their strengths and weaknesses.  Finally, the Longlegs cannot resist the smell of your sweet blood any longer…

You let the Longlegs grab and pin you like a birdcage, but as the spherical body descends to prick you with its poison (the most deadly poison in the jungle, it is said), you attempt to free your arm from its grip…

(Successful Strength saving roll)

You unsheathe your machete and chop its body open like a ripe watermelon.  You roll away as it screeches and twitches in ear-splitting agony.

With reluctant fear, the other Longlegs let the Spider-Chopper pass through their territory.  Once through, you search for the Bat marauders.

(Successful Luck saving roll)

You have found their trail, and determine they are within earshot.  You scream:

“I am the Monkey-Impaler!  Mud-Sleeper!  Water-Rider!  Cat-Flyer!  Cliff-Tickler!  Spider-Chopper!


Judging from the fresh sign, you determine there are six warriors in the Bat war party.  Choose:

Walk right into their camp and kick some ass.
Climb up into the canopy and silently ambush them from above.

All are welcome to participate in this adventure.  Just indicate in the comments which course of action you’d like to see followed.  Optionally, you can provide a semi-relevant movie quote and a bonus will be granted to the character’s rolls.  Check out the previous posts about Revenge in the Dark Jungle.


One Response to “Revenge in the Dark Jungle: The Spider-Chopper!”

  1. Molly O'Jolly said

    I’m…I’m alive? Whew, wasn’t expecting that.

    Monkey-Impaler! Mud-Sleeper! Water-Rider! Cat-Flyer! Cliff-Tickler! Spider-Chopper! doesn’t press his luck. He slips into a tree to ambush his quarry from above.

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